Art5 was born from the merger of 5 companies of craftsmen and carpenters, all located in the area of Montalcino, near Siena, and is responsible for the sales and production of doors and windows, for indoor or outdoor environements, designed and constructed in a workmanlike manner.
Our high technical quality, in line with European standards, allows us to obtain frames tailored around the needs of our customers.
We create internal frames, window frames, we design custom made furniture and we restore old houses doors and windows.

Our company was founded in the 70’s by professionals with diversified experience in woodworking in various sectors such as furniture, furnishings, exterior and interior doors and windows. Today, with the help of the latest technology and the contribution of numerical control machines, the company is a leader in the production of manufactured goods designed and manufactured in accordance with the best quality standards.
We realize doors and windows of high technical quality, meeting the strictest European standards, while maintaining a handmade footprint that allows us to be flexible and overlook the quality of the output, adapting to the customers’ needs, being the restauration of houses or the construction of new buildings.

The range of materials used is very wide and the type of finish can also be made by sending a sample.

Our company manufactures window frames in compliance with EEC standards – customized around the client’s needs – in solid or laminated wood.

Thanks to a major warehouse and carefully selected suppliers, we are sure to provide high quality products. As for the treatment of the wood, we use environmentally friendly water-based paints.

The hardware used is the best that the market offers today.




Our services:

Pre-sales service: get a free quote and one of our technicians will carry out all necessary inspections to offer the most suitable product for specific needs.

After-sales service: the customer will be followed in the various stages, from mesures survey, to delivery, always providing the assistance to the construction company for the assembly or installation if required.

Upon request, to extend the lifetime of the frame, the company provides a special service kit with a set of specific products for the treatment, cleaning and renovation of paint.

Sales and production of custom made products Montalcino Siena supply of indoor and outdoor doors and windows

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