Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to a sustainable future

The preservation of our planet is undoubtedly entrusted to all of us, producers and consumers; the former have the task to invest in more environmentally friendly products, providing the appropriate solutions, while the latter should provide feedback.

Over the years our company has invested in technology, to provide a more and more powerful product from an eco-saving point of view (first class thermal insulation) and in research to create eco-friendly products, such as using water based paints which today is the best offered by the market, also from a resistance to atmospheric agents point of view.

Taking everything into account, the wooden frame is the one that meets the needs of eco-sustainability, taking into account its biodegradability, unlike some petroleum based products.
For this reason we offer different solutions in line with the needs and requests of the customer; from high thermal insulation windows to doors painted with natural products, Art5 is able to fulfil all your needs.
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