Ideal solutions for Country houses

Old and new blend together

Imagine the charm of old houses in the countryside: country houses, farmhouses, manor homes, country houses, farmhouses, villas and palaces; buildings to be restored in our beautiful Italian countryside.

Close your eyes and try to imagine of magnificent rustic farmhouses in a panoramic position on the hills, old stones and bricks manor homes, villas and palaces surrounded by cypress and olive trees, old farmhouses surrounded by greenery and old barns turned into pretty cottages. Now try again to imagine the charm of these old country houses with nowadays technological innovations, with a perspective to energy saving, living comfort and reflecting the traditional architectural style.
In aesthetically renewing an old country house, we must keep in mind that the use of next-generation windows must be accompanied with the type of fa├žade, while respecting the original architectural style of the cottage and the surrounding environment.
Be inspired by Art5 windows, custom made and architectural style.

One of our consultants will help you in choosing the best solution, thus making you have old and new elements at the same time, blending them together in a single solution.
Ideal solutions for Country houses

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