Quality and Safety

Passion combined with progress

We are one of the few companies that combines new technologies with the art of master craftsmen, as we have been lucky enough to learn the ancient art of carpentry from the last generation of true craftsmen, who had the foresight and selflessness of joining in a cooperative, creating a company that would not end with them, but that will continue over time their journey, handing down from generation to generation their knowledge.
Quality and safety are the cornerstones of this company; today making a window or door frame of great quality involves the use of expensive equipment, that only a company of a certain size can afford, and the deep knowledge of a living material such as wood that only the experience of an artisan can master.
Art5,thanks to experience and economic investments, guarantees a product made with the best materials of the industry, ensuring compliance with all EU standards, thus offering a high quality and safe product.

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